Set up a PopcornFlow Board
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Get a set of 9 PopcornFlow stickers
to create an epic experiment board
– in 5 minutes or less

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This is one of the best Lean learning tools I’ve seen in recent years.

Karen Martin


Who else wants a set of PopcornFlow stickers to create the world’s best experiment board?

PopcornFlow-OptionsI’m always thinking about simple product ideas that make you say “How did I ever live without this?”

So, when I first created my own cartoons to design a PopcornFlow board for my son, I knew that others – including my clients and yours – would love it too.

PopcornFlow helps you frame & share problems at home and at work, evaluate options, and run a continuous flow of experiments to beat inertia and evolve fast.

These stickers allow you to set up a practical and eye-catching PopcornFlow board in minutes, even if you can’t draw.

All you do is apply the stickers on a whiteboard (or a flip-chart sheet), use a marker to separate each step, and you are ready to take on the world!

In what order should the stickers appear on the board?

From left to right, the correct sequence is the following:

  1. Problems & Observations
  2. Options
  3. Possible Experiments
  4. Committed
  5. Ongoing
  6. Review
  7. Next
  8. Done

Note that the initials of each actionable step make the word POPCORN…
Pretty neat, don’t you think?

Additionally, the “Review Questions” sticker is often applied at the bottom of the Review column.

Do you have any additional tip to design the board?

The 2nd column (Options) is often wider than the others, so that you can later align multiple sticky notes (one for each option) in one row.

As a consequence, I often find easier to apply the stickers starting from the end, as I show in the video above.

It may also be useful to use a pencil to draft 10 equally-sized vertical columns, mentally “allocate” 3 columns to the Options section, and then use a marker to finalise the design.

How can I learn more about PopcornFlow?

The public information available is still scarce and software-development centric, but I’m currently writing a book to fill the gaps. I highly recommend that you join the early notification list.
Meanwhile, you can read this article on InfoQ, watch the related keynote (the PopcornFlow bits are from 11:48 to 33:00), and join the discussion forum. Things are evolving fast.
If you have a budget and realize the enormous opportunities that PopcornFlow can bring to you and your organization, you may also consider contacting me to evaluate potential coaching engagements.

Top-quality stickers for your next PopcornFlow board

These stickers are printed with state-of-the-art professional printers. They last long, are easy to peel, have a perfect square cut, and rounded corners.

More specifically:

  • Quantity: Each set contains 9 stickers – all you need to create a full PopcornFlow board
  • Material: Durable polymer stickers – the best quality for indoor and everyday use
  • Shape & Size: Square, 74mm x 74 mm (about 3′ x 3′), rounded corners – for a friendly touch
  • Extremely high resolution printing – for perfect cartoons and text
  • High quality laminated
  • Position with ease and strong fixation

Imagine yourself in front of the world’s best experiment board…

Nine beautiful cartoon stickers bring fun and elegance to a humble whiteboard or flip-chart paper. You glance at the problems & options it captures and the long history of small change experiments…

A PopcornFlow board tells stories of rapid decision making, courage in overcoming inertia and fear of change. It captures the inevitable small setbacks, but also the victories, the winning strategies, the decisions that made a difference.
All in all, it’s a vivid celebration to continuous evolution and learning.

This board could be yours.

A PopcornFlow board can help you make better decisions, outsmart your biases and broaden your thinking. It can make you think. It can make you smile. And it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Price: US $13.95 
+Free Shipping to the United States